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List of events throughout Clickteam:

Past Events
  • 1993
Yves and Fran├žois establish Europress.
  • 1995
Icon KlikandPlay.png Their first product, Klik & Play is released.
  • 1996
Icon ClickandCreate.png Their second product, Click and Create is released.
  • 1996
Icon TGF1.png The Games Factory is released. "The world's first power tool to make your own computer games."
  • 1998
Icon MMF1.5.png Multimedia Fusion is released.
  • 2000
Icon MMF1.5.png Multimedia Fusion receives a minor update to 1.2.
  • 2001
Icon MMF1.5.png Multimedia Fusion receives a minor update to 1.5.
  • 2001
Icon Jamagic.png Jamagic is released.
  • 2002
Icon MMF1.5.png Multimedia Fusion Pro is released.
  • June 2006
Icon MMF2.png The Games Factory 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2 is released.
  • 2008
Icon DirectShow.png The Hardware Accelerated runtime is integrated to MMF2.
  • 2009
Icon Java.png The Java Exporter is integrated to MMF2.
  • 2009
Icon MMF2.png The Games Factory 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2 is translated to Japanese.
  • March 2010
Runtime Flash.png The Flash Exporter is released.
  • July 2011
Runtime iOS.png The iOS Exporter is released.
  • December 2011
Runtime Unicode.png The Unicode Exporter is released.
  • March 2012
Main ClickConverse.png A brand new Clickteam Chat Client called ClickConverse is now available.
  • June 2012
Runtime XNA.png The XNA Exporter is released.
  • April 2013
Runtime Android.png The Android Exporter is released.
  • September 2013
Main BugBox.png The Bug Tracker is now open!
  • November 2013
Welcome Fernando to the Clickteam!
  • December 2013
Icon CF2.5.png Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is released.
  • December 2013
Icon Steam.png For the first time, Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and its exporters are available through Steam.
Welcome Danny to the Clickteam!
  • Early 2014
Runtime HTML5.png The HTML5 Exporter is released.
  • October 2014
Fused logo.png Fused! - a new brand spanking new e-magazine is unveiled by Danny.
  • November 2014
Welcome Ben to the Clickteam!
  • 2015
Runtime XNA.png The XNA Exporter becomes unsupported.
  • Christmas 2015
Fused logo.png Last issue of Fused! as an E-Magazine..
  • 2016
Fused logo.png Fused! is rebooted as a blog.
  • June 2016
Icon Steam.png Icon CF2.5Free.png Fusion 2.5 Free Edition is released on Steam.
  • June 2016
Runtime UWP.png The UWP Exporter is released.
In the future...
Main ClickConvention.png Click Convention 2017.
  • 2017
Main FutureProducts.png The next generation of Fusion will be released.

Originally expected 2016.
Confirmed not 2016 via Facebook.

  • 2018
Clickteam Logo.png Clickteam's 25th anniversary.

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