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The Games Factory

The front cover of CD-ROM.

Distributed by Xplosiv.

Developer Europress
Status Obsolete
Initial Release v1.00 (19 years ago)
Stable Release v1.06 (12 years ago)
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Platforms This product is designed for older versions of Microsoft Windows.
Languages English, Fran├žais
Links Retired Products
Predecessor Klik & Play
Successor Multimedia Fusion

The Games Factory, or shortened to TGF is the successor product to Kilk & Play developed by Europress (now known as Clickteam). It was a sister product to Click & Create at release, which offered additional features and had a more relaxed runtime agreement. The product's distribution varied by region. For instance, in the United Kingdom, it was published by Empire Interactive under the publishing label Xplosiv (now defunct)

The software was released in 1996 and is available in 2 editions: Home and Pro. It also provided an option to install the 16-bit version (for Windows 3.1 users) or the 32-bit version (for Windows 95 users). Creations saved by the product used the GAM file extension as well as being able to create stand alone executables with an optional installer. An unregistered "trial" version was also available.



The back cover of the Xplosiv PC CD-ROM case.

This is the low-cost version of the product released in 1996 which allowed the user to make games without needing to learn code. The distribution agreement is that games created by the software will display a compulsory splash screen advertising the product. Additionally, the software states the software should be distributed at no cost as freeware and should contact Europress if they were charged for the stand alone program.


The installer also lets you install the Unregistered 30-day free trial of the Home version.


The Pro edition removes the splash screen at the end of stand alone games, permits the user to sell their creations, and has a Time Line editor. This was available to obtain via Clickteam, but with the release of Multimedia Fusion 2, this is no longer possible. Users wanting to upgrade are advised to update to a newer version of the product. TGF Pro is the same as Multimedia Fusion Express, previously Click & Create.


There are some limitations with the software. If these were exceeded, the software would become unstable and highly likely to crash or corrupt the GAM file.

  • The maximum number of active objects is 262.
  • The maximum number of background objects is 7930.
  • The maximum amount of all objects is 8192.
  • Only a maximum of 1024 events can be displayed.

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