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Older products

List of older products made by Clickteam:

Klik & Play Klik & Play (KnP) - Originally created by Europress Software (Francois Lionet/Yves Lamarouex 1995)
Click and Create Click and Create (CnC) - Later renamed Multimedia Fusion Express.'
The Games Factory The Games Factory (TGF/TGF1) - The world's first power tool to create your very own video games.
Multimedia Fusion 1.x Multimedia Fusion 1.5 (MMF/MMF1.5) - Create your very own multimedia applications and games without learning code.
Install Maker Install Maker - Original version for creating your own installation programs.
Patch Maker Patch Maker - Original version for creating your own software patches.
SynchronX SynchronX
Jamagic Jamagic - Product from 2001 for creating 3D games through scripts.
The Vitalize! plugin The Vitalize! plugin

Older, but still supported products:

The Games Factory 2 The Games Factory 2 (TGF2)
Multimedia Fusion 2 Multimedia Fusion 2 (MMF2)

Deprecated Exporters See the Deprecated Exporters section on the Exporters page.

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