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Notable Clickers / Developers

Working for Clickteam

Name Location Known for
Anders Denmark iOS Runtime, Mac Runtime and Fusion 3 Developer
DracisLooby United States Working on the HTML5 Runtime
Danny United Kingdom Writer of Fused!, guides and tutorials.
DT United States Special Projects Director
Fernando Android Runtime
Francis France
Francois France Founder & Lead Developer
James United Kingdom Maintainer of Lacewing and Fusion 3 Developer
Jeff United States CEO of Clickteam LLC
Kisguri United States Vice President of US Operations of Clickteam LLC
Nico France
Simon United Kingdom Director of Clickteam UK. Maintainer of ClickConverse, organiser of ClickConvention and ClickJam.
Yves France Founder & Lead Developer

Forum Moderators

Name Location Forums
Andrew United Kingdom Open topic community forum
AndyH United Kingdom
Burfelt Denmark Install Creator and Patch Maker
Chaos United States
DavidN United States Install Creator and Patch Maker
Joshtek United Kingdom Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Paul_Boland Ireland Multimedia Fusion 2 - Technical Support
Perry United States
ProdigyX United States
Sarah Install Creator and Patch Maker
Sparckman Canada Install Creator and Patch Maker
Stephen United States SWF/Flash Export Module Version 2.0
Villy Norway Lacewing

Extension Developers

Name Location Notable Works
Sphax France AVIs Object, ButtonCS Object, ClickExt Object, EXIF Object, File-Folder Object, Formatted Object, Kernel Object, MMF2 Params Object, MessageBox Object, Useful FastLoops Object, VectorialLine Object, WindowLife Object
LB United States JSON Object, Advanced Int64 Object
Jaffob United States Advanced Menu Object, Powerful Dialogs Object, TimeString Object, Object Resizer, Power System Object, Registry++, Command Line Parser, ExtensionView, Drag Object, Advanced Tray Object, Foreground Window Object
Looki Germany Surface Object, Scintilla, Tablet Object, Sound Player, Sound Generator, Ping Pong, Box2D, OpenAL, Color Replacer, 360° Movement Object, Advanced Sound Object, TimeString
Stephen United States Archive Object, Android Camera, Android File, Android Lights, Android Microphone, Android Audio, Android Images, Android Email, Advanced Video Player, Flash Extensions, Google Maps, YouTube Object, PDF Object, DS Beep, Timeline Object
z33z z33z Extension Pack, Joystick2 Object
Phi United Kingdom Lacewing Bluewing Client
ColdFire Poland Multiple PC and Android Extensions Map object, Rpg movement, Gadu-Gadu, Android SMS, Native Notification Manager, Android Quick Save
Dynasoft United Kingdom ValueAdd
Retriever2 United States XLua
Ross Australia Advanced Line Object

Honourable Clickers

Name Location Known for
Nivram United States Over 4000 MMF2 Examples
Mathias Denmark Maintainer of Chowdren.

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