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Multimedia Fusion 1.5

Screenshot MMF1.jpg
Version 1.5 running on Windows 98.
Developer Clickteam
Status Obsolete
Initial Release v1.0 (19 years ago)
Stable Release Build 119 (12 years ago)
Beta Release (Expression error: Unexpected * operator. Expression error: Unexpected * operator.)
Platforms This product is designed for older versions of Microsoft Windows. This product is compatible with Microsoft Windows
Languages English, Fran├žais
Links Retired Products
Predecessor Click and Create
Successor Multimedia Fusion 2

Multimedia Fusion, or as commonly referred to as MMF or MMF1.5 (depending on the version at the time) is the successor product to Click and Create and The Games Factory developed by Clickteam. The software has had a long run of 8 years, before it was succeeded by Multimedia Fusion 2.

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The software has undergone many builds and updates.

Version 1.0

Not yet documented.

Version 1.2

Not yet documented.

Version 1.5

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