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The community-driven Wiki for all things Clickteam! Here you'll find facts, history and some documentation to many of their products, user creations and the growing number of extensions and features.

All contributions come from the community of clickers. If you spot something missing and would like to fill it in, we'd greatly appreciate your input.

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Clickteam Products
Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Multimedia Fusion 2 Install Creator 2 Older Products
Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Multimedia Fusion 2 Install Creator and Tools Older Products

Fusion Features
Extensions Editors and the Interface Exporters Firefly: 3D in Fusion
Extensions Interface & Editors Exporters Firefly

Shaders Lacewing 3D Techniques Software Development Kits
Shaders Lacewing 3D Techniques SDK

Official Resources
The community forums is the official place for help and advice. The bugbox is for reporting bugs and feature requests. A place for free and paid resources for your projects. The official Clickteam Discord server.
Community Forums

Community Passport

Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker Home


Clickteam Shop

Click Converse

Join Server

Clickteam's Resource Hub Change logs of builds of Fusion ClickFusion Academy
Clickteam Library

Visit the library

Changelogs ClickFusion Academy

The Official Clickteam Fusion Learning Academy

Community Resources
Tutorials & Example Resources Frequently Asked Questions Chowdren is an open source exporter developed by Mathias Nivram's Examples
Community Resources

(Tutorials, guides and examples)

Development Practices and FAQs Chowdren

Official Page

Nivram's Examples

Go to site

Homebrew, indie and game creation community site. Independent news about indie games made with Clickteam software.
The Daily Click

Go to site

Fusion Scene

Twitter, Fusion Games Gallery

Clickteam's official blog for news and updates Klikdisc Games and software built with Fusion

Clickteam's Official Blog


Previous newsletter written by Clickteam.
Official Page

Made with Fusion

Our list of creations made with Fusion products.

All Things Clickteam
Who's behind this powerful program? File Extensions OS Compatibility The future of Fusion
The Clickteam

Notable Clickers & Developers
History Timeline

File Extensions

File types created by Clickteam.

OS Compatibility

Known quirks when running on different operating systems.

Fusion 3

Hinted features and announcements about the next generation.

A yearly event to meet with the developers behind Clickteam. An event for meeting and building new projects with clickers.
Click Convention

Incomplete - See Talk page for facts.
Clickteam's Annual Conference.
Facebook Page


From CT: The winners have been announced! We want to say thank you to all those that participated. Keep an eye peeled for our next event in February 2017!
Official site and Winners jam results

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