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Clickteam's Official Blog
Category Blog
Maintainer Danny
Status Active
First Availability October 2014 (3 years ago)
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Languages English
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Fused is the official Clickteam blog edited by Danny from Clickteam. This news is designed to provide in-sight behind the scenes at Clickteam and around the community, featuring news for Fusion 2.5 and Fusion 3 in addition to game reviews and guides. The blog format was adopted to provide quicker and more frequent updates.[1]

Originally, Fused! was a monthly PDF e-magazine started in October 2014 targetted for release on the 9th or 10th each month, however the PDF format has since been dropped.

Previous Releases

There is currently no "official" location for acquiring copies of the e-magazine. New issues are announced on the forums, the mailing list and the Fused! Facebook page.

However, a list has been gathered on the Wiki:

Issue # Month Cover Links Headlines
1 October 2014 Fused Cover Issue 1.jpg PDF


  • A New Channel
  • ClickStore
  • HTML5
  • Android Splash Extension
  • iOS Share Extension
  • Facebook Extension
  • Monster Effects Compilation
2 November 2014 Fused Cover Issue 2.jpg PDF


  • The Rise of Indie Dev
  • Mac Runtime
  • Speedy Android
  • FNAF
  • Sparckman's Attack
  • Final Upgrade Call
3 February 2015 Fused Cover Issue 3.jpg PDF



  • Clickteam at the GDC in March
  • A Sneak Preview of the new Beta
  • Mac editor and exporter is edging closer
  • ClickStore – A Revisit
  • Fernando needs ice-packs donating!
4 March 2015 Fused Cover Issue 4.jpg PDF


5 April 2015 Fused Cover Issue 5.jpg PDF


6 May/June 2015 Fused Cover Issue 6.jpg PDF


  • App Development - A Personal Experience
  • New in ClickStore
  • Clickteam Sales
  • Apple Go Wild
  • Rock.Rock Rocket - Review
  • Room13 - Review
  • Not a Hero - Review
7 September 2015 Fused Cover Issue 7.jpg PDF


  • Concrete Jungle - In Review
  • Exclusive Interview with BrashMonkey (Spriter Pro)
  • Exclusive Lacewing Tutorial by Villy
  • Ultimo Slots - A Look into the Magic
  • Like a Flash of Lightning - Flash Runtime
  • Inside Me - In Review
  • Dead of Day - Kickstarter
8 October 2015 Fused Cover Issue 8.jpg PDF


9 Christmas 2015 Fused Cover Issue 9.jpg PDF


  • Douglas Circumstance -In-Depth Look
  • Skin & Bones - Review
  • Dragon Norris – Review
  • Google Play Extensions – Just in time for Christmas!
  • Clickteam Winter Sale – Final 2015 Sale
  • Rock.Rock Rocket – Update

The e-magazine format has been dropped in favour of a blog format.

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