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Click Converse

Screenshot of the #converse channel.
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Predecessor ClickConverse Chat Client

Click Converse is the official Clickteam Discord server. You can talk about Clickteam's products, ask for help or just talk about anything with other Clickers.


  • Don't use swear words nor discuss non-G-rated topics; keep it family friendly. Excessive use will be warned and/or banned temporarily / permanently.
  • Don't spam text or images. This will be warned but can result in a mute. (Spamming the same text, same images, three big images in a row, having a lot of new lines in a message, posting too much invitation links, etc)
  • Use the #help channel for help with Fusion, as the #converse channel might be full of conversation.
  • Respect other members, moderators, and staff. Do not troll. Critique is acceptable, personal attacks aren't and are punishable by a kick and even a ban.
  • Posting links to viruses/things that break these rules will be removed, and possibly banned depending on the rules broke.
  • Ban evading is prohibited, alt accounts will also be banned.
  • Due to moderation reasons, please talk in English only.


If you have Fusion registered on your forum account and would like to be included in the Clicker role, please PM your Discord username and tag ( found on the bottom left near your name ) to BartekB on the Clickteam Community Forums. The Clicker role benefits you with:

  • The ability to show you supported Clickteam by purchasing their software;
  • A new Clickers only channel to talk in;
  • and new commands through @Click Bot ( More coming soon ).


If you would like your game to appear on the #spotlight channel, please PM your game's videos and links to BartekB on the Clickteam Community Forums.


Requirements for getting the following roles:

  • Experts: Knowing everything Fusion (excluding exporters), applying techniques to solve a problem multiple ways;
  • Game Devs: Made or making a game that has commercial game-like quality;
  • Artists / Sound Designer / 3D Designer/Modeller: Shown a piece of work that has commercial game-like quality (and is yours);
  • Exporter Devs: Shown knowledge in that particular exporter and possibly made a game on that platform;
  • Active: Talk here a lot;
  • Wiki Contributors: Contribute to the ClickWiki.


  • #rules: Rules. Follow them.
  • #clickteamnews: Official Channel for Clickteam News, Updates and Downloads
  • #spotlight: Awesome games made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5!
  • #converse: Converse about anything here! - Except firefly and help
  • #help: Help regarding any Clickteam products.
  • #clickers_lounge: The bomb shelter whenever someone spams the converse channel.
  • #firefly: Discussion for the FireFly Extensions in Fusion 2.5 (Only)

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