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The Wiki is hosted by community investment. Sadly, hosting a Wiki isn't truly free, and your generosity keeps the project alive and preserve the knowledge for the future. If you cannot afford the time to contribute edits, a donation is a great way to show your love and support.

Any amount, no matter how big or small, are very much appreciated. As the host is based in the UK, your donations will be converted to GBP (£).



Date Clicker Donation Amount After Processing Fees
24/Nov/2015 Gar £78.43 £75.25
25/Nov/2015 lh37 £10.00 £10.00
02/Jun/2016 Clickteam LLC £75.00 £71.50

Clickers who have volunteered a decent amount of their time instead or in addition to donating are credited on the About ClickWiki page.

A thank you goes to clickers robinkooli and lh37 for launching the project's initial costs through personal investment.


The costs for running the Wiki are as follows:

Asset Service Dates Recurring Costs
Expires Cost Period
Domain Namecheap 04/Mar/2019 £12.62 (as of 02/02/2017, includes fees) Yearly
Web Hosting HostPresto! Starter Package 20/May/2018 £57.60 (including 20% VAT) Triennially


Asset Time Frame Amount
Purchased Expiry Cost Currency Conversion
Hosting 04/Mar/2015 03/Apr/2015 $3.95 USD
Domain 04/Mar/2015 03/Mar/2016 $12.79 USD
Hosting 20/May/2015 20/May/2018 £57.60 GBP
Domain 25/Nov/2015 04/Mar/2017 $12.39 USD £8.48 GDP
Domain 04/Mar/2017 04/Mar/2019 $27.90 USD £23.02 GDP


How are donations used?

Any donations we receive will contribute towards funding the hosting and its domain for the future.

Funds will not be used as an award for compensating the hours put into the Wiki. In the unlikely event that the Wiki has fulfilled its capacity to the limits, donations may be considered to upgrade the Wiki's hosting plan to the next plan up in order to satisfy demand.

Do I need PayPal?

You don't need to have PayPal to pay. You can send your donation without having to sign up to the service.

So, how does it work?

There is a dedicated PayPal account that will collate all donations received. They will only be withdrawn when necessary as outlined by the renewal dates on this page. Your generous donations are used sparingly and essential to keep the Wiki running for the future.

PayPal charge processing fees, which are passed on to ClickWiki, not you. For instance, a £1 donation would include a fee of £0.23, giving ClickWiki £0.77 which is allocated towards expenditures as described on this page.

If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, please state this in the donation's description.

What happens if the Wiki reaches its end of life?

Should the Wiki's operations be halted for any reason, any remaining funds will be refunded back to the original PayPal account where possible.

This page will stay updated as accurate as possible.