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Category Runtimes
Maintainer Mathias
Status Active
First Availability November 2012 (5 years ago)
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Chowdren is a C++ runtime for exported Fusion applications and games. The runtime recompiles and optimizes events to C++, allowing it to run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Wii U, 3DS, PS4 and PS Vita, with PS3 and Xbox One being considered. Fusion's regular runtime emulates events, hence Chowdren offers an extremely significant increase in performance. Chowdren also performs additional tasks (such as sprite merging) to ensure the final executable is as small as possible.

The project was open source under the GPL. Executables generated by Chowdren requires distribution of the source code as well. If you do not want to distribute the source code, a commercial license is available by contacting Mathias.

In March 2016, the repository was made private which means no more updates will be released under the GPL. However, you can still download the GPL version and the CCN Export plugin (build 284 and up) from the Chowdren website. The commercial license and porting service is still available.


According to Mathias, the runtime is on average 7.7x faster when against the regular Windows Runtime.

A community member has also performed some benchmarks, which also shows a tremendous increase in performance.


As with any exporter, not all extensions or events are compatible with Chowdren. However, as the code is written in Python, if the event or extension is implemented, it will work on all platforms Chowdren supports.

Chowdren also has an exporter plugin for build 284 and up. This will make it convenient for users to export to particular platforms from within Fusion, as the runtime currently is external and does not hide extensions or actions that are not implemented.

See the Chowdren Compatiblity page for a full list of extensions, objects, actions

Target Platforms

The following table outlines which platforms can run with Chowdren. Clicking on a platform provides specific instructions on building for it.

Platform Implementation Compilation Methods
C++ Optimised for Windows Windows Complete Command Line; Exporter
C++ Optimised for Mac macOS Complete Command Line
C++ Optimised for Linux Linux Complete Command Line
Optimised for Android Android Complete Command Line
Optimised for HTML5 HTML5 Incomplete
Nintendo Wii U Wii U Complete
Sony PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 Complete
Sony PlayStation Vita PlayStation Vita Audio Incomplete
Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS Complete

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