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Clickteam Library

Update: The library system has been released.

Danny from Clickteam has announced an upcoming library HTML-based system in various issues of Fused!. This system is designed to make finding resources much easier and accessible.

As of yet, it is unknown what the library system is called and when it will be released.

May/June 2015 Issue (last page)

One thing I am working on which I can tell you about, is a new library for Clickteam. It will be an online, central repository which will contain all official documentation, tutorials, direct links to further resources and so much more. I will elaborate more on the library in the next edition of Fused, so that is something to look forward to.

September 2015 Issue (page 25)

Over the last 2-3 months I have been developing a new system for us and the users here at Clickteam. It's a new content library where all the previous, current and future documentation will be uploaded to. This provides a one-central-location for all Clickteam and 3rd party documentation. More will be revealed on this before Christmas.

Christmas 2015 Issue (page 16)

For me, it's Library, Content and Guides. I will be building up our brand new online Library system which will contain documentation, tutorials, guides and “hints n tips” not just content by me or others from Clickteam but also user-submitted content from the community. I will also be reshaping Fused to an HTML output so it can be even more compatible cross-platforms and easily accessible from more devices.

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